Frequently Asked Questions

Please use the scale. Scale always would give you the accurate weight of your package.

This is mandatory for us to search best carrier that can handle your package. We value our customers and it is important for us to know the value of your package and inform the carrier in order to take care, whether it is 1 USD or higher, package is always valuable to us.

Envelopes normally have the average weight between 0.5-1KG and this is how the pricing is considered with the carriers. Also flat envelopes have standard size. In case you wish to add weight and dimensions for your shipments, please select package type of shipment and feel free to add.

Basic answer is that for security reasons and local customs where you are shipping, this information will be added to your shipments in the carrier system in order to make sure that your shipment complies with all necessary government rules and regulations also the carrier shipping policy.

You can use the tracking tool from the homepage, just select the carrier and add the tracking number in order to track your shipment.

No. Your payment means you paid fully for the shipment. However, in some circumstances, custom clearance could apply where you have to release the shipment and also pay taxes that were not included originally in the paid amount.

Always use the tracking tool. You may also contact the carrier for your shipment in case was not delivered. have no liability or responsibility on missing shipments. In case your shipment is lost, you may contact us to claim insurance amount if the insurance was included in the shipment and also you may contact the carrier directly for instruction.

Please email us at and our agents will be able to assist you. Also you may visit Contact Us page and fill the form.